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Thor And Cap America Will Have Similar Tone To Iron Man

The mix of humour and drama that epitomised Iron Man will become the norm for Marvel films, says boss

In an extensive interview with Superhero Hype , Marvel Studios Head Of Production Kevin Feige says that the tone set in the first Iron Man movie is the blueprint for to the mix of comedy and drama moving forward into future Marvel movies, such as Thor , Captain America and The Avengers :

“You know, I think we've established a tone in the Marvel films that we like very much, which is to say there can be moments that are extremely sincere and extremely emotional and at the same time can have a lightness of touch. They're not always going to be the same and sometimes it's appropriate and sometimes it's not, but certainly, we're not afraid to... listen, I believe an audience connects with the characters if you make them laugh, if you bring them inside the joke they're more likely to be affected when you decide to turn it 180 degrees and make something more emotional and make something more touching. I think that worked extremely well in Iron Man ; I think it works very well in Iron Man 2. In Thor and Cap we're going with that - not necessarily because that's what we've done in Iron Man , but because that's what we like most about movies. Those are the kind of movies that we like to see, are the ones that aren't just dark to be dark or aren't just self-serious for the sake of having some sort of false sense of gravitas or something. We think our stories are sweeping, we think our stories are epic and we think they're important. At the same time, we know that they're popcorn entertainment and need to appeal to the broadest audience, and we want to keep them light and fun and frankly that's how you connect with a billionaire weapons industrialist that most of us have nothing in common with. I believe that's how we're gonna connect with the God of Thunder and that's how we're gonna connect with a scrawny kid in 1941 who wants to join the Army.”

He also reveals that Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man movie is still a potential, but that it wouldn’t be coming out any time soon, despite the fact that Wright has almost finished work on Scott Pilgrim : “ Ant-Man will definitely not come out prior to The Avengers , but Edgar was in LA last week. We sat down. We started working on a calendar of when to get him back into it once he finishes Scott Pilgrim and promoting Scott Pilgrim . So I would think towards the end of this year, early next year we'd start looking at early prep for that, but certainly for a release date after The Avengers .”