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There are secret Fortnite one time events happening everyday: Here's how to watch them

One of the smaller rifts in Fortnite.

If, like me, the Fortnite rocket launch happens to fall on the one weekend you had a social life and couldn't just drop into a match, you're no doubt a bit miffed that you missed Fortnite's first one time event. Yes, a load of people did get killed in one go caused one guy to become the new solo kill record holder, but it hasn't stopped the event feeling like quite the momentous occasion for the ridiculously popular battle royale title. But, fear not, you haven't missed everything, because it turns out developer Epic Games is actually holding one time events every day right now, and they're related to the Fortnite rifts

You may have noticed that ever since the rocket launch on June 30, there's been a huge rift in the sky, and several more have appeared on the map. Initially they were only at Lonely Lodge and the Motel west of Anarchy Acres, but now they're moving, and eating parts of the Fortnite map as they go. The Lonely Lodge sign and the Motel signs have both disappeared now, and so has Mr. Tomato from Tomato Town. The Motel and Tomato Town rifts are still there, but the Lonely Lodge one has moved to the NOMS at Retail Row. 

If you want to witness the signs disappearing and potentially new rifts appearing though, you can actually watch it all happen live. Every. Day. (Well, at least until Fortnite season 5 arrives on July 12 anyway.) 

According to the sleuths over on Reddit, the rifts feast and move every day at 9PM BST / 4PM EDT / 1PM PDT. Join a match just before those times in your respective time zones, and you will be able to watch it happen live. Even more interesting is that you can do that from the safety and comfort of Fortnite Playground Mode too. Nice. 

We'll be signing on this evening to test things out, but if you get involved in these new secret one time Fortnite events, please let us know in the comments below.

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