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The Witness walkthrough & puzzle guide

Let's get straight to the facts here - exploring the entire island of The Witness and solving the hundreds of puzzle panels you'll encounter is a serious test of your logical abilities, and although they generally begin rather simply, the difficulty level keeps ramping up until you end up bashing your head against the desk. To beat them, you'll first have to understand their rules, which can be inferred from the puzzles themselves or by observing the area surrounding the panels. There are also mysterious recorded messages tucked away in various places, which may (or may not) help explain what is going on.

With so many challenges to take on and complete it's likely you'll get stuck at various points, and that's where this guide comes in. For every area I'll give you hints for how to get started, which will then lead on to full puzzle solutions for each panel if you're still struggling to crack the code.

A quick note on controls, as these aren't really explained within the game:
L1 or L2 / LB or LT - sprint when walking
L1 or R1 / LB or RB - quickly switch between panels if they're in a row
R2 / RT - speed up drawing the line on panels
Circle / B - reset the line on panels

Select a location below to get started...

Table of Contents:

Opening Garden
Blue & Green Panels
Pink Trees
Pottery (Symmetry)
Orange Trees (Shady Trees)
Sun Temple (Desert Ruin)
Hedge Maze (Keep)
Pressure Pad Maze
Red Tree Temple (Monastery)
Greenhouse (Bunker)
Bamboo Forest (Jungle)
Mountain Challenge
Secret Rooms
Windmill & Video Player
Secret Ending

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