The Witness walkthrough & puzzle guide

Sun Temple (Desert Ruin) 

Beyond the Pottery (Symmetry) area you'll find this sunny ruined temple.

Hint: Pay attention to the sun on the panels

By reflecting the sun off the panels, you can reveal the solutions.

Hint: Reposition the panel to get the full picture.

Solving the top three panels will fully reveal the one underneath.

Hint: Get a higher view of the panel in motion.

Set this panel moving then quickly move to the top of the opposite walkway to spot the solution as it rotates.

You can now open the entrance around the back of the temple.

Hint: Use the switch at the side to control the lighting.

Solve the floor puzzle then head downstairs to the next level.

Hint: Consider the solutions on reflection.

Use the reflections from the water to reveal the solutions.

Unlock the door and head down to the next area.

Hint: Use the switches to change the water level.

Adjust the water level to spot more reflections of solutions.

Head through the gate to the final section of this area.

Hint: If your route is blocked, try a different view.

You can solve the broken panel from behind.

Swipe the lock to ride the lift back to the surface.

This will activate the laser, unlocking the Desert Ruin trophy.

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