The Witness walkthrough & puzzle guide

Opening Garden 

After emerging from the tunnel, you'll find the first proper puzzle straight ahead of you.

Hint: Simply link up the starting point to the exit, then follow the wire to the next panel.

This has opened the first cover on the panel by the gate, so follow the middle wire to the next panel.

This opens the second cover, then follow the bottom wire to the last panel.

Note that this panel has two outputs - for now, link up the bottom one.

Now you can solve the panel by the gate (any route will work) to unlock the exit.

Before you leave, return to that panel with two outputs and rewire it to link up the top one instead.

Exit through the gate you opened, then head left and follow the walls of the garden area around until you find a broken down section you can walk over.

Follow the tops of the walls around until you reach a flat roof area (above the tunnel you emerged from), then climb on top to find a recording tucked under the cushion.

Go back out through the broken down section and turn left to continue following the garden wall around, until you find a path with a gate opened by the panel you rewired.

Hint: Pass through every hexagon.

Through the gate you'll find a stray panel on the floor.

There's also a recording behind the tree in this area.

Unlock the last gate and you'll be back on the original path again.

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Opening Garden
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