The Witness walkthrough & puzzle guide

Hedge Maze (Keep) 

Next to the Orange Trees (Shady Trees) you'll find an entrance to a walled keep.

Head through the portcullis entrance and follow the path around to the entrance to the first hedge maze.

Hint: Remember your route.

Plot out your path through the maze.

Hint: Take the path most travelled.

Follow the worn path through the maze.

Hint: Consider more than what you can see.

Listen as you walk through the maze and take the worn path that doesn't crunch.

Hint: Combine the maze and panel.

Find the route that can be taken in both the maze and the panel.

Head to the top of the central tower for the last panel.

Hint: Retrace your steps.

Follow your route through the mazes to solve the final panel and activate the laser, unlocking the Keep trophy.

Around the base of the tower, you can open a gate for a shortcut to the Pressure Pad Maze.

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Hedge Maze (Keep)
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