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The final Witcher Netflix series trailer focuses on big monsters and even bigger battles

The final The Witcher Netflix series trailer has arrived – and it comes with two stark warnings. Firstly, Geralt's rapidly discovering that there's plenty to worry about in his immediate future. Second: never, ever touch Roach. Ever. 

Watch the Witcher Netflix series trailer above and drink in the screen-filling battles. This is The Witcher as you’ve always wanted it – though there are still no sign of Gwent.

Let's talk about the battles. While there’s plenty of Geralt going mano-a-mano with several sword-wielding knights throughout the trailer – and even Yennefer gets involved in one standoff – you might be surprised to see big, open fields filled with onrushing armies. With the potential for those climactic clashes combining with political sabotage and subterfuge, it’s easy to see why some fans are already likening The Witcher to Game of Thrones.

Away from the bigger picture on The Continent, Geralt is still running his personal witching business. He does, after all, need some coin for those extra-long stays in bathtubs. In one scene, he’s seen cutting down a monster, while in another he’s fighting off several bandits.

But all paths seem to lead to Ciri. “I will take the girl,” Geralt snarls. “Protect her. And bring her back unharmed.” The army of black-and-gold that The White Wolf talks of might have something to do with her predicament, judging by the various people seemingly out to get the Lion Cub of Cintra throughout the trailer. Not long to go until we find out what happens next, but one thing is for certain: don’t touch Roach. Seriously.

All eight episodes of The Witcher arrive on Netflix on December 20.

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