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The trailer for black-and-white Logan Noir is beautiful and REALLY sad

It’s scientifically proven that putting anything in black-and-white makes it roughly 300% cooler. Case in point: the black-and-white trailer for Logan – dubbed Logan Noir – is full to the brim with feels, beautifully artistic shots and, melancholy. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll see the movie in a whole new light.

The trailer, which you can see above, is once again scored by Johnny Cash’s haunting cover of Hurt. Fittingly enough, the minute-long trailer shows characters in various states of distress, from Charles’ deteriorating state to Logan popping bullets out of his chest. It’s time to fetch the tissues all over again…

Logan Noir comes included as a bonus feature on the Logan Blu-ray, which hits stores May 23 and is the second blockbuster to get the black-and-white treatment recently, with Mad Max: Fury Road also opting for an effing cool washed-out look. 

Are you looking forward to the black-and-white version of Logan? Maybe you want other Hollywood movies to get the noir treatment? Let us know in the comments!

Image: Fox

Bradley Russell

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