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The PSN Store website gets a redesign before the PS5 launches

(Image credit: Sony)

The PlayStation digital storefront is getting a complete overhaul on web and mobile, ahead of the PS5 launching next month in November.

Earlier today, it was revealed that the PSN Store will be getting a makeover, through an email that was sent out from Sony to certain players. You can check out a snippet of the redesigned storefront just below (courtesy of ResetEra) featuring the product page for Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which will be rolling out in various regions around the world starting next week.

(Image credit: Sony)

This overhaul is definitely a welcome change for the PSN Storefront. At the moment, it can be a little tricky at times to navigate your way around the storefront on the web, and especially on mobile devices. This change certainly looks like it'll make things a little easier to use with bigger, more spread out icons in particular.

Note that this isn't the storefront that you're going to be seeing on the PS5. This version of the PSN Store will only be shown on the PSN website, so you're going to be seeing a different version of the storefront on Sony's actual console next month.

Speaking of, there's now less than a month to go until the PS5 launches worldwide. The console will be launching in the US on November 12, and a week later on November 19 for the UK and Europe. If you're still looking to reserve a unit ahead of the official launch, head over to our PS5 pre-orders guide for a full list of retailers with stock.

For a full list of all the brand new games you can play on Sony's next-gen console as soon as it launches in November, check out our PS5 launch games guide for more.

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