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The Boys are back in these incredibly weird Seven commercials that (somehow) didn't make it into the show

The Boys
(Image credit: Amazon)

The Boys are back. Kinda. If you’ve already watched the first season then you’ll know that the Seven, the Vought Corporation-owned superhero team, will do anything for a quick buck and sponsorship deal. Now, you can watch how far they’ll go with two extremely weird commercials starring Starlight and The Deep which (somehow) didn’t make it into the show.

The first ad comes from The Deep. In The Boys, he’s one stop short of quite literally sleeping with the fishes, so it’s equal parts morbid and hilarious to see Chace Crawford’s character shilling some tasty soy sauce to drizzle on seafood. It’s playing off those extremely cheesy Hollywood-starring Japanese adverts, too, so it takes a left turn down WTF lane pretty much straight away. Did somebody say dancing octopus?

The second and final commercial featuring The Boys’ superhero team is even darker. Starlight, the new recruit in the Seven, is wheeled out in front of the cameras to market a new facial wash. 

The Boys season 1 made it clear straight away the ordeal Starlight had to go through with The Deep just to get accepted into the team, so the idea that Vought would greenlight this is all kinds of messed up. Try and watch it without squirming.

So far, only two of these bad boys have been released on Amazon Prime’s YouTube channel. But there’s scope for so much more: Homelander’s laser-eye surgery, A-Train’s speedy sneakers, and Translucent’s makeup remover could all be coming to a television set near you if Vought has its way.

Still missing Billy Butcher and the rest of the supes and supe-haters? The Boys has already been renewed for season 2 and there’s even a first look at the new season, featuring some bloody faces and a few middle fingers for good measure.

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