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Mysterious Tenet website update could be hiding clues about Christopher Nolan’s new movie

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We all love a good mystery. Throw Christopher Nolan and his new movie, Tenet, into the mix and you’ve got the makings of a head-scratching puzzler that could eat away at lunch breaks, night-times, and weekends.

A new “audio experience” has thrown down such a gauntlet. It gives everyone the chance to pick away at the loose threads that have been glimpsed through Tenet’s teasers and trailers in the hopes of uncovering some major information about a movie that, frankly, no one has any clue about – even some of its actors.

If you head over to Tenet’s official website, you’re met with a new notification to turn your sound on and enable your microphone.

Trailer Track’s Anton Volkov has poked around in the website’s code to reveal that, as of now, there are only two eligible commands.

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Predictably, “Tenet” is one of them, while the other – “Twilight World” – could be hinting at some place, space, or entity that could have a major role to play in unravelling what exactly is happening in the film. Saying one or the other triggers a quick flash of scenes from the previously released trailers. Oddly enough, saying the other (opposite?) word, makes things play in reverse. Interesting. Very interesting.

This version of the website only being 0.4.0 almost definitely means more voice commands are on the way, so keep trying out everything to crack the code. Rumours that saying the word ‘Chair’ will bring Chris Nolan to your house in a fit of seat-induced rage are unfounded, however.

Perhaps the biggest mystery surrounding Tenet, though, is its release date. Once set for July 17, it was later pushed back to July 31 and now finds itself due out in a rare midweek slot on Wednesday, August 12. Maybe by then, we’ll have (finally) put the pieces together.

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