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Stranger Things’ David Harbour is unrecognizable in our first look at Hellboy

We knew a Hellboy reboot was on the way - with Neil Marshall directing - but this is our first look at David Harbour as Big Red himself. He's certainly got that whole 'angry and swole' thing down.  

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The picture from Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen was originally tweeted out by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and Lionsgate soon shared it too. Harbour tweeted a different image - one with slightly less skin on show - with the caption "please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste…" a line from the Rolling Stones song Sympathy for the Devil. It was quickly deleted, but you can see it below. 

It's certainly a change of look for Harbour - who we're more used to seeing as the grizzled, perpetually pissed-off-looking Jim Hopper in Stranger Things - and reflects the darker feel Marshall wants to bring to the reboot.

“Neil [Marshall] said from the very beginning that he wanted to walk a razor’s edge between horror and comic book movie, which was music to my ears, because that’s what I was shooting for in the script, and precisely what [Mike] Mignola does so well with the comics," said writer Andrew Cosby.

"I can’t really talk about specifics with regard to the story, which they’re keeping a pretty tight lid on at the moment," said Cosby, "but I can say that this is a darker, more gruesome version of Hellboy."

Hellboy: Rise of the Blood Queen is scheduled for next year, and will also star Milla Jovovich.

Image: Lionsgate

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