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Best Steam Summer Sale 2018 deals, including slashed prices for Nioh and Rocket League

Even if you've already dipped your toe into the massive pool of discounted games in the Steam Summer Sale, there's always a worthwhile new bargain to find. The sale is running on until July 5, and until that day you can expect the tasty Steam Summer Sale 2018 deals to keep on rolling in. 

Read on for our picks of the top Steam Summer Sale 2018 deals and bargains, with games discounted under $10/£10 and $30/£30 our particular focus, along with the GamesRadar deal of the day. Let's get spending.

Best Steam Summer Sale 2018 deal of the day:

Nioh: Complete Edition - $29.99 (40% off)

Nioh is essentially Team Ninja's take on the now-familiar Dark Souls structure, with third-person, stamina-centric combat set in a fantastical world full of demons and monsters. But Nioh sets itself apart through its unique setting in feudal Japan, and via its combo system that encourages you to switch between three stances mid-fight, adding an extra layer of depth and mastery to the encounters. The Complete Edition on Steam also includes three expansion story chapters, which you might've missed the first time around.    

Best Steam Summer Sale 2018 deals under $10 / £10:

Best Steam Summer Sale 2018 deals under $30 / £30: 

We'll keep updating this article with more great deals throughout the week, so be sure to check back for our picks!