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SFX@200 Pick Of The Day: Thora The Vampire Slayer

Each day that SFX 200 is on sale we’ll highlight a great article from our 200 Issues Of SFX online feature. Today: Vampire-hunting for the mature Slayer

[caption id="attachment_36590" align="alignleft" width="164" caption="Thora The Vampire Slayer"] [/caption]

Previously on Pick Of The Day: to celebrate the publication of the 200th issue of SFX , we’ve published our massive 200 Issues Of SFX feature online. And each day the 200th issue is on sale, we’re highlighting some of our favourite articles from that feature (because it’s so massive, gems are easy to miss).

Today the clock’s turned back to July 2000 and issue 66 , when Angel had just arrived on UK TV screens. This lead to a classic piece of box-out toomfoolery as Nick Setchfield speculated on other vampire slaying shows Joss Whedon could create, with ever-ageing protagonists. (And if you’ve clicked on this article already, here’s a heads-up that we’ve now added back in the original artwork that went with that feature).

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