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Samuel L. Jackson narrates the only Game of Thrones show recap you need to watch

After 60 episodes in six seasons, convincing your friends to start watching Game of Thrones from the start may be a tall order. Luckily, Samuel L. Jackson has teamed up with HBO to narrate a NSFW beginner's guide recap that takes us through all the big moments that have transpired in the series thus far. 

Check it out below... 

As well as being ridiculously entertaining - "Bran? Bran's trippin'", "Mo' power, Mo' problems", and anything to do with Dany's dragons is particularly laugh-out-loud great - Jackson's recap does a solid job of covering the Game of Thrones basics, and it even manages to include a few handy warnings about not getting too invested in the Starks. Indeed, it's a shame this recap doesn't run longer; Jackson's narration of the opening sequence in 'The Winds of Winter' would have probably been worth a listen.

Most of all though, this video really makes me want to see Jackson show up in Game of Thrones before the show concludes its run. Westeros has always been lacking when it comes to powerful men of colour, and Jackson is one actor who could play that type of role in his sleep. Make it happen HBO!

Season 7 of Game of Thrones will debut in 2017.

Images: HBO

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