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Robert Pattinson says he is channelling one of his previous co-stars for his Batman voice

(Image credit: A24)

The Batman star Robert Pattinson has revealed one of the major inspirations behind his as-yet-unheard Batman voice. He’s apparently taking vocal pointers from Willem Dafoe, who he stars alongside in upcoming movie, The Lighthouse.

When asked by Access about whether he has practiced his Batman voice, Pattinson replied: “Willem’s voice in [The Lighthouse] is quite inspiring for it, to be honest. It is pretty similar [to] the voice I’m going to do.”

For context, watch the below trailer for The Lighthouse to get a (rough) idea of what Pattinson might be aiming for. Minus the sailor accent. Hopefully.

It’s gruff, yet composed; direct without being forceful. There are worse foundations to build your Batman voice off – and it wouldn’t sound like you’ve just gargled gravel at three in the morning. I’m looking at you, Christian Bale.

Pattinson, though, refused to answer whether he had practiced the voice, instead joking: “I think Batman has a sort of pirate-y kind of voice. I think that’ll really suit him!”

The actor – who was cast as the next Dark Knight back in May – has previously opened up about his take on the character, revealing, “His morality is a little bit off. He’s not the golden boy, unlike almost every other comic-book character. There is a simplicity to his worldview, but where it sits is strange, which allows you to have more scope with the character."

He understands the voice, he understands the man behind the suit – now isn’t it about time we see him don the cape and cowl for real?

The Batman is set to release on June 25, 2021.

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