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Returnal is coming to PS5 and it's the next game from Housemarque

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Returnal is coming to PS5, and it's the next project from the developers of Super Stardust - though you might not believe it comes from the same folks at first glance.

The first trailer for Returnal follows a lone astronaut on an alien planet as she endures a cycle of death and awakening. It's supremely moody, and it seems like the huge step away from developer Housemarque's arcade roots the studio previously teased - "the more I stay here, the more I can feel my sanity slip away". Then you see the fast-paced action scenes with the main character using sci-fi weaponry and flashy abilities to fight glowing shadow creatures, and everything makes sense.

We only see a little bit of direct gameplay in the Returnal PS5 trailer, but all that talk of cycles and the planet changing makes it sound like we may be in for a roguelike adventure. Keep an eye out for alien creatures and technology that could be used to upgrade your astronaut survivor between runs, and you'll likely encounter snippets of the astronaut's past as you make your way further into the world.

Unfortunately, Sony wasn't ready to announce the Returnal release date, so all we know so far is that the game is coming to PS5 at some point. With Housemarque stretching its storytelling muscle while holding on to some of its arcade action roots, it looks like Returnal will definitely be one to watch.

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