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Retailers are emailing customers to advise them that not all Xbox Series X orders can be honoured

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Just days after retailers were forced to write out to customers who'd thought they'd successfully secured a PS5 pre-order, retailers are similarly having to email people the bad news that not all Xbox Series X pre-orders can be honored.

According to UK retailer ShopTo, the retailer's allocation of the Xbox Series X was not enough to fulfill the number of pre-orders it had taken when early orders for the next-gen console went on sale. 

“We have received the allocation details from Microsoft and, unfortunately, we regret to inform you that we will not be able to fulfil your pre-order on day one/release date,” ShopTo said in an email sent to customers on Friday (thanks, VGC). It then advised customers they could keep their pre-orders for when further stock came in or, alternatively, cancel their orders entirely.

This follows news that Sony has started to let retailers know how much PS5 stock they will get come launch day, too, with both Gamestop and ShopTo reportedly contacting customers to let them know if they'll be able to receive a pre-ordered console on November 19, with some unfortunate customers being told they won't get their machine on day one. 

Amazon also recently emailed customers to let them know that some consoles may not arrive on release day.

If you haven't managed to pre-order a PS5 or Xbox Series X, don't lose hope yet. Certain retailers have been able to secure more stock since pre-orders went live and as our features editor Josh West argues, 2021 is when next-gen will really start to deliver

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