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Pokemon Sword and Shield guide walkthrough: Everything you need to become the Champion of Galar

Wyndon Gym Finals

Amidst all this chaos and uncertainty, you now need to return to Wyndon Gym in order to take on the finals. Speak to the man at the front desk again and head out to the stadium, at which point you'll be interrupted by a certain someone. Bede interrupts you and wants to fight, at which point the commentator says it's a-ok. That certainly seems against tournament regulations, but we'll let it fly.


Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

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We all know Bede is a fiend for the fairies now, so load your party up with Poison and Steel-types in preparation. To be honest, she's kind of a pushover. She'll Gigantamax Hatterene, but with the right counter it's not difficult to deal with.

When you've defeated Bede, the proper tournament bracket will start. First up: Nessa.


Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

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Nessa's the Water-type gym leader if you can cast your mind all the way back to near the start of the game, but now her team is much stronger. Duh. If you've got a couple of high level Grass and Electric-type Pokemon you'll be absolutely fine, but as is the trend with every gym leader's final Pokemon, she will Gigantamax Drednaw. As usual, rely on a few Revives to cycle through your Pokemon and after three turns, hit it back with some super effective moves.

After Nessa, you'll have to face Allister (or Bea in Pokemon Sword!), so get ready for another fight.

Bea (Sword)


By this point, you'll have fought enough Fighting-type Pokemon to know that Flying-types and Psychic-types are incredibly powerful against them, while Normal-types will fail miserably.

Allister (Shield)

Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

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As you'll have discovered the last time you faced Allister, the biggest strength against Ghost-type Pokemon is other Ghost-types, along with Dark-types. Be wary if you're stocking up on Ghost Pokemon because every hit you take will also be super effective, especially when he Gigantamaxes his Gengar at the end of the battle. Gigantamaxed Gengar is super strong so before you knock out Polteageist, ensure you have a good few Pokemon healed up in preparation.

Defeat Allister and you've got just one more person to beat before Leon; Raihan!


Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

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You fought Raihan recently, but he clearly took the defeat to heart because he's got rid of his Gigalith and Sandaconda and replaced them with Goodra, Turtonator, and Torkoal. Torkoal is the only non-Dragon-type in his team, so equip yourself with a Water-type or two to deal with both Torkoal and Turtonator, then use another Dragon-type to see off the rest of his Pokemon as just like Ghost-types, Dragon-types are strong against one another.

Once you've defeated Raihan, it's time to take on Leon... oh wait, no, not yet. Rose will interrupt your pre-match banter with Leon to let you know he's bringing about the Darkest Day. Yeah, he's a certified nutjob. Watch the rest of the cutscene and you'll be back in the Slumbering Weald, next to your house. Very convenient.

Slumbering Weald

Pokemon Sword and Shield walkthrough

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Pokemon: Slumbering Weald - Overworld


Pokemon: Slumbering Weald - Random Encounters


Pokemon: Slumbering Weald - Fishing


Items: Slumbering Weald

Full RestoreY
Life OrbY
Mental HerbY
Misty SeedY
Smoke BallY
TM86 Phantom ForceY

Welcome back to this misty place! Follow the path along, dodging all of the low level Pokemon until you reach a slightly wider area you couldn't access previously. Take the path going north then walkk down the first trail on your left to find a Misty Seed, along with a fishing spot at the end of the northbound path.

Turn around and head back to the clearing then go west, and you'll spot a hidden Full Restore glistening in a patch between the grass. Hug the left-most wall and you'll find a Mental Herb, then at the next junction, take the path north across the fallen tree.

At the end of this path you'll find TM86 Phantom Force, then turn around and cross back over the log. Take a right turn and you'll find a V junction; the path on the right has a Smoke Ball at the end, then take the left path to find Hop. A cutscene will start and you'll be greeted by a creature you met long ago...

That's right, it's Zacian and Zamazenta! You know, the Pokemon on the box? Watch the cutscene then follow the path to the end, where you'll discover a rusted sword and shield. How convenient. Pick them up in the cutscene then make your way to Hammerlocke, where you'll be greeted by Raihan at the entrance to the gym.

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