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Nia Vardalos pens sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding

A sequel to indie mega-hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding is in the works, over a decade after the original film was released.

Original writer-star Nia Vardalos has penned a follow-up set 10 years after the 2002 original.

Though it currently has no official title or director on board, the film is reported to pick up with Vardalos and John Corbett’s characters 10 years into their marriage.

We should probably expect even more culture-clash hijinks than last time, with the sequel set to reunite the extended families first seen in the original movie.

Back in 2002, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was the indie breakout that made $368m at the worldwide box office (on a $5m budget) and turned Vardalos into a star.

We can’t help wondering if the sequel will namedrop its TV namesake My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding