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New Official Gerry Anderson Event Announced

Standby for action! AnderCon will land at Heathrow in April 2014.

AnderCon 2014 organisers have promised this first-time event to be a celebration of the life and legacy of the genius behind Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray, UFO and Space: 1999 .

The event will take place on the weekend of 19-20 April 2014 at the Park Inn Hotel at Heathrow Airport. It'll feature activities, exhibits and star guests from the various universes the late Gerry Anderson created, including recreations of sets used in Thunderbirds and Stingray , such as Brains’ laboratory, an exploding refinery and the “underwater” tank that made us believe Troy Tempest’s sub could swim. You'll be able to see some surviving vehicles from Anderson productions, the moving "Rolling Road" background that created the illusion of Thunderbirds craft flying, displays of production drawings, and reproduction props and models – including the restored Straker car from UFO . There'll also photo opportunities.

Beyond the inanimate stars, there’ll be numerous humans appearing across the weekend, including Thunderbirds voice artists Matt Zimmerman, David Graham and Shane Rimmer; Space: 199 9’s Zienia Merton, Pam Rose and Prentis Hancock; Terrahawks ' Denise Bryer; Captain Scarlet's Liz Morgan; and Space Precinct ’s David Quilter and Richard James. As well as appearances from the actors, expect to see some of the behind-the-scenes production teams, including (new) Captain Scarlet writer Phil Ford, and special effects artists Steve Begg and Mike Trim. Anderson's original business partner at AP FIlms, Arthur Provis, will also be attending the event.

AnderCon is hosted by Anderson Entertainment, the company developing projects from Anderson’s personal archive. For more details about the event and to register for tickets, visit .