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New Jack Black & X-Men clips

You may remember a little while back, gave you the heads up on Jack Black’s new movie Nacho Libre. The Mexico-based comedy is directed by Napoleon Dynamite writer/helmer Jared Hess and features the portly gagslinger as a priest-turned-wrestler.

We also told you that Black was going to add one or two video diaries to the official site, well it turns out that JB is a little camcorder-happy ‘cos he’s uploaded thirteen so far.

Marvel as Jack gets waxed (“Is there any chance that my nipples will come off during waxing?”); as Jack’s black eye restricts his famous eyebrow movements (“I dove from the ring, turns out I dove too far”); and as Jack’s package doesn’t impress (“It almost looks like a pimple in my outfit, I don’t know who to blame”). Click (opens in new tab) here for more lycra-clad hilarity.

Talking of juicy clips, we’ve hunted down a corker shown on Spanish TV over the weekend that features a blood-pumping X-Men: The Last Stand clip.

Ignore the motor mouth host for the first minute and hang in there for your first clip of Angel (Ben Foster) as his father tries to talk him into being ‘cured'.

Click (opens in new tab) here for the X-preview.

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