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Motion-sensitive boob jiggling coming to 3DS

That's one-up over the PS3 version, which was much more flat-chested... at least in terms of itsZ-axis. We had lots of childish fun with it, though, especially during the more serious cut-scenes.Remember this?

The geek in us says, boobs aside, thatit's actuallya rather exciting prospect for the hardware. The thought of being able to shake your 3DS andaffect the game world directly in real-time is pretty cool.

Also,if you could discreetly point your dad's eyes in its direction, it might quietly pursuadehim that a 3DS for your next birthday present would be a Very Good Idea. As long as he can play it occasionally, of course. As for your mum... not so much.

Above: Note - do not wobble a runaway shinobi. She'll probably get mad

However - we are now a little worried about Metroid: Other M. If Team Ninja decides Samus Aran should have Wii-mote enabled boob jiggle, the combined energy of all the fanboy rage/fapping might just cause an earthquake so strong, it wipes out civilisation as we know it.

28 June, 2010

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