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Michael deals with the aftermath of *that* shock twist in the Star Trek Discovery episode 12 teaser

Forget Snoke, Star Trek Discovery blasts Star Wars: The Last Jedi into oblivion when it comes to shadowy reveals about nefarious leaders. Our phasers were most definitely set to stunned in episode 11, and now the preview for the next episode, titled Vaulting Ambition, deals with the aftermath of everything that went down…

All hail Emperor Georgiou! I may have been one of around half-a-dozen people in the known universe not to see that twist coming, but, hey, it was still pretty awesome. Michael, on the other hand, is still struggling to deal with that reveal and Lorca, well, he’s just being Lorca. And gets a smack ‘round the chops for his troubles.

Back on the USS Discovery, betrayer-in-chief/secret Klingon Ash Tyler is being put through the wringer. Unfortunately, Saru – despite the wishes of Ash’s Klingon lover L’Rell – is proving to be a soft touch as temporary captain. Might Ash/Voq break out of his chains sooner rather than later?

The scene that’s got me hyped for next week, though, comes at the very end. The Emperor knows something is up and, as Terrans are wont to do, responds by pulling a knife on Michael and putting it to her throat. If the game’s up for Michael and Lorca then they’ve got a helluva mission ahead of them to get off of that flagship. Look at the size of that thing!

If you want to bathe in the emotions of internet folk, be sure to check out the reactions to Star Trek Discovery episode 11. Plus, as I’m sure you do, we have lots of questions about that episode. Seven, to be precise.

Image: CBS

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