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Medal of Honor takes on PS3 pirates as well as terrorists

Medal of Honor is taking on a different kind of 'opposing force' - the videogame pirates. You'd think it would be a pretty easy competition, really - the soldiers in EA's shooter have proper guns, whereas pirates only have cutlasses. And in this case USB sticks. Poor pirate jokes aside, it looks like MoH is setting a precedent for all future PS3 games which, while admirable, could get slightly annoying for regular gamers.

The game is the first PS3 title to include the console's latest firmware update on the disc, which the game requires to install before you can play. This means even those few PS3 gamers without an internet connection will have no excuse for not installing the firmware to their machine. And what does the firmware contain? The latest anti-piracy measures.

Above: "Erm... Parley?"

It's a cunning plan, and something that PSP games have been doing for years. It's clear that Sony has to do something to stop the pirates from being able to use their newly-jailbroken PS3s with new games, but it is a tad harsh for regular, honest PS3 gamers. How many times have you tried to have a quick look on the PS Store only to have to wait ten minutes for new firmware to download and install? Now it could feasibly happen with practically every game you buy.

There is some speculation over whether inclusion of new firmware in Gran Turismo 5's disc is the reason for its delay. It's possible... but surely unlikely. Hopefully once/if it becomes standard practise, it will all be a tad smoother.

14 Oct, 2010


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