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All of the Spider-Man Remastered suits and how to get them

Spider-Man 2099 White suit 

Unlocks at: Level 39

Requires: 4 x base, 4 x challenge, 4 x crime tokens

Power: Concussion Strike - Sends enemies flying with every hit. 

Comes from: The storyline when Miguel O’Hara, wearer of the Spider-Man 2099 Black suit, became a part of Parker Industries. Peter made this new suit for him. 

Vintage Comic Book suit

Unlocks at: Level 41

Requires: 4 x backpack, 4 x challenge, 4 x crime tokens

Power: Quips - Spider-Man blurts out funny remarks when he’s fighting bad guys. 

Comes from: The comics, of course! Specifically it nods back to the first of the Amazing Spider-Man comics and the classic Steve Ditko designed costume.

Last Stand suit

Unlocks at: Level 45

Requires: 20 x crime (yes, really) tokens

Power: Unrelenting Fury - Enemies can’t block your attacks even if they have shields. 

Comes from: Earth-312500, where in the comics we see what Peter Parker could be like in the future. This version of him is an anti-hero after he became a killer by destroying Doctor Octopus and Kraven the Hunter. 


Unlocks at: 100% the entire game

Requires: None

Power: Equaliser - Everyone goes down in one hit...including you. Well, you’re in your underpants, what did you expect?!

Comes from: A brief scene in the game where you see Peter Parker in his undergarments, complete with Spidey-themed pants. 

Homemade suit

Unlocks at: Finish the first backpack mission

Requires: Find every single backpack in the city

Power: None

Comes from: The movie Spider-Man: Homecoming and the prequel comic, where we see what Tom Holland’s Peter Parker wore before Tony Stark gave him the Stark suit. 

Dark suit

Unlocks at: Finish all the Black Cat Stakeouts

Requires: Find all the Black Cat Stakeouts

Power: None

Comes from: Black Cat, who designs and gives it to Peter Parker in the game. Aww.  

ESU suit

Unlocks at: Level 50

Requires: Find all 50 Spider-Man PS4 secret photos

Power: None

Comes from: Empire State University is the college Peter Parker attended, so he's just showing his academic pride. Fun fact: Dr Doom, Emma Frost, and a pre-Venom Eddie Brock also attended ESU. 

This next one is a MASSIVE endgame spoiler, so don’t scroll below the Spidey picture if you want it to remain unspoiled...

Anti-Ock suit 

Unlocks at: Last mission, Pax in Bello

Requires: None

Power: Resupply - Continuously refills the current equipped gadget’s shots and looks really frickin’ cool. 

Comes from: This seems partly inspired by the yellow and black colours of the suit Otto Octavius wore as the Superior Octopus, but otherwise the design is all-new. 

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