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Marc Webb's Spider-Man reboot nabs another villain

Director Marc Webb is continuing to fill out the cast of his 3D Spider-Man reboot ahead of the movie's impending shoot.

Heat Vision Blog have broken the news that Irrfan Khan, best known for playing a police inspector in Slumdog Millionaire , is in discussions to appear as an unspecified villain in the movie.

Annie Parisse ( Law & Order , and more recently The Pacific ) is in talks to play Khan's villain's wife.

Roger Dodger 's Campbell Scott and Julianne Nicholson ( Law & Order: Criminal Intent ) are being lined up to play Peter Parker's parents. It's not yet known if they'll be appearing in flashback, prologue or some other guise.

The as-yet-untitled reboot is due for release in 2012, and already has Andrew Garfield as the webslinger, and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. Rhys Ifans was the first villain to be cast, and he's playing Dr Curt Connors (AKA The Lizard).

Parker already has some adoptive parents lined up in the form of Martin Sheen and Sally Field.

Source: Heat Vision Blog

Is the casting convincing you to give the 3D reboot a try? Or will you be sticking with your Sam Raimi boxset? Comment now!