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Kung Fury: Street Rage lets you be the best cop in the world

If you're still reeling from the half-hour long sensory overload that is Kung Fury, you may want to take a breather before you try Kung Fury: Street Rage. If you haven't yet been witness to the crowdfunded, dinosaur-recruiting, nazi-zombie cinema sensation that's taken the internet by storm, go watch it. I'll wait.

For 99 cents you can step into Kung Fury's high-top Chuck Taylors and bash legions of time-traveling Nazis. The film is a fawning / freakish hydra of '80s action and '80s action parody, and Street Rage is a bite-size celebration of classic beat-em-ups - though its super-fast two-direction combat system is more One Finger Death Punch than Streets of Rage.

It's cheap, quick, and a near-perfect send-up of old-school movie games. Near perfect because actual old-school movie games were usually terrible.

Connor Sheridan
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