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Konami announces dual patches for new Silent Hills

Konami has said it's preparing patches for both recent Silent Hill releases. It might be tempting to mount a case for the notion that janky framerates, Downpour's inconsistent game-saving and the HD Collection's freaky lip-sync issues just make the games creepier and more unnerving, but the developer has decided it'd probably be safer to just update the games so these things don't happen.

Above: A situation that, were it not taking place in Silent Hill, might be cause for concern

Konami's promised the patches will be “available soon” for both Xbox 360 and PS3. In the meantime, you're free to keep on exploring a world where people walk in uncanny fits-and-starts and their lips move but the wrong words come out, and where you never know whether death is going to mean eternal oblivion or just a minor restart. Back in the day, we called that Twin Peaks and it was excellent.

Meanwhile you've still got a second Silent Hill movie, dated for US release near Halloween; and Silent Hill: Book of Memories' release date, now tentatively floating around the end of May, to look forward to.