Silent Hill: Book of Memories' release date slips out of March, announces Konami

Konami's announced that Silent Hill: Book of Memories, the perturb-'em-up series' PlayStation Vita-exclusive spinoff, has been delayed again and will no longer see release this month. The game, a top-down action title set to bring multiplayer to the series for the first time, was set to release today, cementing March 2012's status as the Silent Hilliest month in living memory. Now it's just "a pretty good time for people who like games about rust and fog."

Retailers are listing Book of Memories' revised street date as May 31; however, as Ripten points out, this may be a placeholder until Konami makes the game's future more formally known. This month still managed to clock in as one of the Silent Hillier times on record, with both the HD Collection and new installment Downpour emerging for your delectation. While you wait for Book of Memories, check our Silent Hill: Downpour review or revisit the games' history with Silent Hill's 13 creepiest enemies, now in back-teeth-moistening HD.