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Humans season 3 promises big changes (and a big body count)

Drama series Humans tells the story of androids, known in the show as Synths, and the fallout that happens when some start to develop consciousness. Season 2 saw big changes, culminating in the season finale that saw (spoilers) this consciousness spread by, essentially, a firmware update. Co-creator and writer Jonathan Brackley says that in season 3, the ramifications of this become brutally clear. 

"We say there were around 110,000 deaths around the world and obviously a large part of humanity is blaming this on the Synths, because they were inadvertently responsible for these deaths as they became conscious," Brackley explains in the latest issue of SFX. "While they’re not directly at fault, they are ultimately responsible, so there’s been a huge backlash."

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Season 3 jumps forward a year from where we last saw the Synths and their human allies in season 2 - a decision that gave the writers a chance to skip the first wave of death and destruction. "We knew that we wanted to move past the initial period of instability that a dawn of mass consciousness would bring," adds fellow co-creator and writer Sam Vincent.

"That kind of unrest and disturbance would be exciting, but not that interesting, so we wanted to get to the bit where society is going to reorder itself and find a way forwards," says Vincent. "We start on the anniversary of what has come to be known as Day Zero, when the dust has settled a bit and we’re able to look back at what happened, and yet also come into a new world."

The new season will air in the UK in May, and on June 5 in the US on AMC. 

For more on Humans, you’ll have to pick up the 300th and latest issue of SFX, out now! Take a sneak peek at it here. 

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