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"Homer Simpson confirmed for Avengers 4" - the best reactions to a cryptic Russo bros. tweet

Avengers: Endgame is a movie shrouded in secrecy. We know very little about who's in it for certain, the plot remains a mystery (though there are plenty of theories) - heck, we don't even know the film's actual title yet! So perhaps it's little surprise that when directors Joe and Anthony Russo tweeted out a mostly-empty set picture with the caption "look hard..." the internet took to it with unfettered enthusiasm.

Some potentially interesting theories began to crop up, including this one regarding the number of A's can be found, like a hidden image brainteaser. If I'm being honest, this feels to me like the 'right' answer.

There's also this one, which follows a similar logic to arrive at the word "Endgame," which is indeed one of the rumored potential titles for the film. And let us not forget that in Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange warns, "We're in the endgame now".

But most fans, it seems, were content to posts memes and jokes about the image. I mean, if there were ever a time to post the "conspiracy Charlie" clip from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, this is it.

Of course, it would be a bit more appropriate to use Marvel characters, and I'll admit my face definitely contorted into a few uncomfortable expressions myself as I tried to work out what could be hiding in the image.

Meanwhile this Loki gif cuts right to the heart of the matter, demanding an answer from the Russo duo.

For those with, shall we say loftier hopes, they can dare to dream about another epic crossover. After all, Disney is in the process of acquiring 20th Century Fox's film and TV properties... 

We may never know the real answer to this riddle, but one thing's clear: the Russos are having fun with us, and come the Avengers 4 premiere in May 2019, I imagine we'll all have some fun with them too.

Want another clue as you work to decode the Russo's cryptic tweet? Read up on the first Avengers 4 synopsis or revisit the questions left after that Avengers: Infinity War ending and maybe you'll feel inspiration strike. 

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