GTA Online patch notes: Complete Contact Missions and revisit The Doomsday Heist for doubled rewards


It's all about the Doomsday in GTA Online this week, but don't panic - that just means you can expect tons of doubled GTA$ and RP rewards. This week's update revolves around Contact Missions and The Doomsday Heist finale first introduced in the Doomsday Heist update from way back in 2017. Now through April 24, you'll get twice the GTA$ and RP on all Contact Missions from Gerald, Lamar, Ron, Trevor, Lester, Martin or Simeon, as well as the jetpack-flying conclusion to The Doomsday Scenario.

If you're not interested in repeating missions you've already done, no worries - doubled GTA$ and RP is also being offered in three Adversary Modes that call back to previous updates. You can jump into the zone-control skirmish of Occupy, protect your VIP teammate in Hardest Target, or rev up a minigun in Juggernaut to score bonus rewards.

As always, Rockstar is giving you even more reason to log in this week with some free stuff - namely, the Skulls Livery for the Mammoth Avenger and TM-02 Khanjali. Nothing's more intimidating than a seeing a giant plane or tank covered in human skulls barreling towards you. It's also a great time to stock up on Facilities, vehicles, and items, as the following all have a 40% discount this week: 

  • Facilities
  • Facility Add-Ons and Renovations
  • Pegassi Oppressor
  • TM-02 Khanjali
  • HVY Chernobog
  • Mammoth Avenger & Renovations
  • HVY Menacer
  • Mammoth Thruster

You should also go grab a Biker Clubhouse ASAP if you don't already have one, as Rockstar is giving owners a GTA$250k gift from April 25 - May 1. For those in need, you can get Great Chaparral Clubhouse for its lowest price ever at GTA$50k (75% off). Additionally, the Grand Senora Desert Counterfeit Cash Factory is only GTA$100k (89% off) through April 24.

There are more Premium Race circuits to enjoy this week; the buy-in for these 8-player races is a hefty $20,000, but you can snag $100,000 for taking first place (with 2nd and 3rd place finishers getting $30k and $20k respectively). Head over to Legion Square on the following dates to take part in their respective races:

  • April 18: Criminal Records (locked to Super)
  • April 19 - 22: Route 68 (locked to Muscle)
  • April 23 - 24: Wiwang Park (locked to Sports)

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