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Game of Thrones season 7 will see no hope for Cersei's redemption, says Lena Headey - it would "ruin it"

If you’re wondered if Game of Thrones season 7 might see Jaime teach Cersei about the wickedness of her ways, sadly not. According to an interview with Mashable, Lena Headey (aka Cersei) reckons the Lannister matriarch has no intentions of backing down now.

"I don't play her as a villain," said Headey. "I don't set out to do that consciously, I just play a woman who is a survivor and will do exactly what a man would do — which is, you know, murder somebody when you're in a war. Maybe just not directly."

We’ve always known just how far Cersei will go to protect herself, her family, and her position of power, and it seems that even after intense humiliation, she still has the capacity to kick back. Hard. (You remember what happened to the High Sparrow, right?)

When asked if Cersei would be likely to seek redemption before she shuffled off her mortal coil, Headey had no hesitation: "No," she said. "I think that would ruin it."

Looking at these shots of Cersei caught on-set during season 7 filming, we’re inclined to agree...

Game of Thrones season 7 will debut mid-2017. 

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