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Fortnite Season X trailer takes you all the way back to pre-meteor Dusty Depot

The Fortnite Season X trailer has officially arrived and it's a one-minute trip down memory lane - or maybe memory wormhole? The time-travel teasers that Epic Games has been dropping in the leadup to Fortnite season 10 (opens in new tab) bear fruit in the trailer, as Jonesy enters a strange interdimensional realm filled  with objects from Fortnite seasons past.

Jonesy's journey begins as the orb at the center of Loot Lake finally goes off, causing an explosion of light that spreads across the map and sweeps him into a land beyond time and space. There's the rocket that launched in the lead up to Fortnite season 5 (opens in new tab), the vaulted Tactical Submachine Gun, and a number of seasonal skins and locations. There's even good old Peely, who fixes Jonesy with a steely gaze and an "I'm watching you" gesture after the smoothie incident (opens in new tab), as well as a cameo from Kevin and an extra-dimensional butterfly.

The time traveling trip ends by depositing Jonesy in front Dusty Depot. It seems to be frozen in time the moment before the meteor struck the giant, useless warehouses we all loved to hate and turned the whole place into Dusty Divot. Looks like all those teases about Dusty coming back in some form are going to pay off… but with that meteor hanging in the sky right there, can it really last that long? Maybe the next season of Fortnite isn't just about traveling through history, but changing it too.

In any case, it all sounds like a pretty good reason to bring back a bunch of old skins and items as Epic celebrates ten seasons of Fortnite.

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