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First teaser lands for Guillermo Del Toros gothic horror Crimson Peak: watch now

One of the year’s most anticipated movies, Crimson Peak, has finally dropped its first eerie trailer. From Pacific Rim director Guillermo Del Toro, this gothic horror revolves around the goings-on in an old English mansion during the 19th century.

Starring Mia Wasikowska as aspiring author Edith Cushing, the movie chronicles her experiences after her new husband - played by Tom Hiddleston - whisks her away to his old family abode.

As evidenced in this first teaser it’s not exactly a warm, enticing homestead. Darkness lurks around every corner, in what’s shaping up to be a return to the chilling horror aesthetics Del Toro expertly showcased in Pan’s Labyrinth.

Throw in Jessica Chastain as Edith’s creepy sister-in-law and Charlie Hunnam as a charming suitor keen to remove her from the mansion... and this looks set to be the year’s must-see horror.

Crimson Peak opens on October 16th.

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