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Fall Guys drops a trailer for season 2, goes medieval on our asses

Fall Guys' brand new season is upon us, and there's a trailer showing off all the medieval fun to be had. Check it out above, and read on for more details.

The trailer shows off all four new medieval levels which are as follows: 

  • Hoopsie Legends - Teamwork-based level
  • Knight Fever - Claims to be the most challenging gauntlet yet
  • Egg Siege - Tactical scrambles
  • Wall Guys - Build a wall just to tear it down

There's also a new feature called Show Selector, which will let you choose from a roster of shows including limited time events. Each show has a themed playlist, like Gauntlet, Survival Showdowns, and Slime Survivors. 

The Fall Guys season 2 trailer shows off the new costumes and emotes coming with the medieval-themed season (I'm still eying that witch skin), as well as the fresh, new look of all existing levels. Each Round has gotten a "fresh lick of paint" as there's been so many beans running amok on them since launch day. Check out the Fall Guys patch notes for the full list of everything that's got updated. 

As we previously reported, thanks to a community suggestion that blew up on the Fall Guys Discord, Fall Guys season 2 will let you randomize your costume. That'll certainly produce some zany combinations, which will just make this game even sillier. You'll also be able to customize your nameplate by adding a banner and choosing a funny nickname. 

Ultimately, Fall Guys season 2 is a fun (and necessary) refresh to the party game, and I'm fully prepared to get sucked back in. 

Fall Guys season 2 is out now on PS4 and PC, and it's completely free.

How will the new levels fall on our Fall Guys minigames rankings list?

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