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Eye see horror. And aliens!

It must be tough being Jessica Alba. Not only does she have to live life as a blind violinist, but then she also goes and gets a fresh set of corneas that force her to see the violent ghosts of dead people. Oh, wait… It’s a movie? Right… got it.

The Eye is, of course, a transplant itself, adapted from the Hong Kong original and run through the spin cycle of turnaround before landing in the lap of Lionsgate, who attached Alba and got the horror up and running.

Looks like they’ve kept the basic plot of a terrible visual burden, so we’re wondering what this new version will do that’s fresh. nabbed the trailer from the clutches of MySpace, and you can find it at the link here .

Meanwhile, a true original has another movie out and we couldn’t be more excited. Stephen Chow, the man who brought us the likes of Shaolin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle has decided to tackle more of a Spielbergian theme with CJ7 (or whatever it ends up being called in the UK). The plot finds a poor labourer’s (Chow) son finding an unusual toy – which has alien powers. Given the usual blend of incredible stunts and special effects (only one of which is sadly on show in this teaser trailer), this looks like a treat for next year….

Check out the footage here .

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