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Emma Roberts goes Wild!

Teenagers across the world are already stashing their hard-earned babysitting cash to catch the Next Big Thing Emma Roberts in Nancy Drew. So they might not be pleased to hear about her latest project (after all, it’s so mercilessly targeted at their demographic, they’ll have no choice but to line-up a fresh batch of brats to cover their costs.)

But everyone else will be happy about Wild Child - which sounds like it's of a slightly higher standard than most teen fare. For a start, it’s been scripted by Roald Dahl’s daughter Lucy, based on her own boarding school experiences.

Roberts will play a spoilt Malibu wild child (see what they did there?) who’s sent to a strict boarding school by her domineering dad.

It’s a fairly topical subject - switch boarding school for ‘rehabilitation centre’ and dad for ‘manager’ and it could operate as a decent metaphor for almost any teen queen who’s hit the headlines recently.

Nick Moore will be hiding the mojitos when he calls action on the project this summer.