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DualSense pre-orders: get a spare PS5 controller here

Dualsense controller

After initially selling out, you now have a second chance to pre-order a DualSense PS5 controller ahead of the PS5 November release. Even if you've not quite managed to bag your PS5 pre-order yet, but are hoping to get the new console around launch, we think it'll be smart reserving a spare controller while you have the chance.

Yes, you get one DualSense in the box with your PS5, but, as you'll know if you're a PS4 gamer, you'll be wanting a spare on hand so you always have one charged and good to go, plus it's essential for any local multiplayer games.

So far, we've only seen the DualSense pre-orders come back at Amazon for $69.96 in the US. Amazon is actually rocking it across the pond too as the PS5 controller pre-orders are in stock again there too in the UK for £59.99. Over in Australia, Amazon has sold out, but The Gamesmen have your back at AU$109. That's about the price we expected for the cutting edge PS5 controller, in all honesty, and we wouldn't expect to see anything better until next year when stock is this hot. If you're really lucky you might see a fraction knocked off for the upcoming Black Friday deals, but we think it's just as likely they'll all be sold out by then anyway.

There are currently no plans to release any other colors of the DualSense controller at launch, which is a bit disappointing as we like to change things up with a second controller. If you're not fussed about local multiplayer and have a really long charging cable, you could arguably wait and use the money to bag one of the upcoming PS5 games instead. We're not going to risk accidentally yanking our new console to the floor when tripping over the cable though, so are bagging a spare for sure!

DualSense PS5 controller pre-orders

We were really hoping Sony would unveil a bunch of new color options for the DualSense, like the all-black model we've seen doing the rounds online. Clearly a fan-made mock-up, but we dared to dream. 

This is par for the course for Sony though. More colors will be coming, but just probably not this year. The same goes for the rumored interchangeable faceplates or different color console releases.

When thinking about the upcoming PS5 bundles, we'll be sure to track down any offers on the hottest PS5 games and we'll be looking out for more PS5 accessories too like the Pulse 3D headset, camera, and charging dock.

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