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Destiny 2 Ruinous Effigy guide: Growth quest, Pendulum, Calcified Fragments and more explained

(Image credit: Bungie)

The Destiny 2 Ruinous Effigy quest has arrived, and it's one of the meatiest Exotic quests in the past few seasons. The Growth quest has some unique objectives that make it easy to waste time or get turned around, so we've outlined everything you need to do in order to collect Ruinous Effigy quickly and efficiently. We'll go over how to start the Growth quest, where to find Calcified Fragments and kill Savathun's Marionettes for the infamous Pendulum step, and some general tips that make getting Ruinous Effigy less of a grind.  

Step 1: Missive - How to start the Ruinous Effigy quest 

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This is the easy part. Well, sort of. To pick up the quest, simply visit the Recaster near the Drifter in the Tower. You'll receive both the weekly Means to an End quest and the Growth Exotic quest. You need to clear the Interference mission on Io to advance the Growth quest, but you can't do that mission until you do Means to an End for the week. 

Step 2 - Gift: Clear Interference

If you've forgotten, Means to an End requires you to do Contact events, then collect Traces (Reckoning is the fastest way), and finally clear the Interference mission. Unlock and finish the Interference mission by clearing Means to an End, and at the end of the mission, "Accept the gift" from the branch behind the Silver Seed near Eris. This will give you the next step in the Destiny 2 Growth quest. Now it's time for a scavenger hunt.

Step 3: Pendulum - Where to find Calcified Fragments 

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The next step in the Growth quest, Pendulum, is a two-parter. First, you've got to collect 25 Calcified Light that are scattered between Io, Mars, Mercury, and Titan. There are 10 Light on Io, and five on each of the other three planets. It helps if you keep track of how many you've found each planet, that way you know when to move on. 

You can track down the Calcified Light by pulling out your Ghost on the designated planets, as if you were checking tracked bounties. Look for blank, diamond-shaped icons with a white core and grey border. You have to be relatively close for the Lights to appear on your Ghost menu, but most of them aren't tough to find. You can open your Ghost menu while cruising around on your Sparrow to make searching easier. 

That said, some of the Io Calcified Fragments gave me trouble. If you get stuck with Io, check the southeast corner of The Rupture, and the northwest sides of both Lost Oasis and Giant's Scar. 

Here are some simple maps showing where all the Calcified Fragments are. If you get within 200 meters of these circles, your Ghost will guide you the rest of the way. 

Io Fragments (Image credit: Bungie)

Mars Fragments (Image credit: Bungie)

Mercury Fragments (Image credit: Bungie)

Titan Fragments (Image credit: Bungie)

Step 3: Pendulum - How to farm Savathun's Marionettes 

Blade Disruptor spawn point

Blade Disruptor spawn point (Image credit: Bungie)

The other part of the Pendulum step requires you to kill 15 of Savathun's Marionettes. These special enemies are connected to the Contact event, but you don't need to complete the event itself to kill them. And in fact, you shouldn't. You only get one Marionette per Contact event, but you can farm multiple Marionettes in a shorter time through another method.

At the time of writing, the Contact event is appearing in the Siren's Watch side of Titan. We want to focus on the other side of Titan, the Rig. While Contact is active in Siren's Watch, bonus Marionettes will spawn in the Rig. If the event isn't active, travel to Siren's Watch, place the Contact event beacon, and then travel back to the Rig. The same approach works on other planets - just head to zones without the Contact event icon - but to keep things simple, we're going to use Titan for this guide. You can find Savathun's Marionettes scattered around Io this week as well, but I found Titan to be more consistent.

Shield Disruptor spawn point

Shield Disruptor spawn point (Image credit: Bungie)

Three groups of Disruptors will spawn around the Rig in the following order: Blade, then Shield, then Blight. Messages in chat will tell you when they spawn. Disruptors are basically little versions of Contact bosses, and one Savathun's Marionette will either spawn alongside them, or after you defeat them. I've only seen Blade and Shield appear in one location, but the Blight group seems to have two possible spawn points. 

Blight Disruptor spawn point

Blight Disruptor spawn point (Image credit: Bungie)

We'll use Adventures as map reference points since everyone has them unlocked. Blade spawns northwest of the Siren Song Adventure, Shield spawns northeast of the Bad Neighbors Adventure (near Xur's Titan location), and Blight can spawn West of the Deathless Adventure or southeast of the Rig landing zone. You can see all the spawn points on this map:

(Image credit: Bungie)

Step 4: Feed - How to get kills quickly

(Image credit: Bungie)

This step of the Growth quest is also the simplest. You have to finish Gambit matches or Reckoning rounds, get Void kills, and chain precision kills. Reckoning is once again the fastest option here. Throw on your favorite Void weapons and subclass, fire up Reckoning, and kill stuff. The bridge section with all the Shadow Thrall makes for especially easy Void and precision kills. 

If you finish the Reckoning objective before you finish your Void or precision kills, you can get the rest of those kills in any other activity. You do not need to get all of your kills in Reckoning. 

Final step: Shape 

Once you clear the Feed step, you'll receive a special Exotic engram which you can decrypt at the Recaster. Voila, Ruinous Effigy is yours. Go turn some dudes into Void relics and use those relics to hit other dudes. 

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