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Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals: Save on a premium console companion this winter

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals
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Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals offer something of a second chance to pick up one of the best TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X for less than they would otherwise retail for - which can be thousands of dollars in some cases. The higher price tags are indicative of the functionality of some flagship models which is needed to enjoy the technical advances that the current generation of consoles can offer: HDR and 120Hz refresh rate support being just the starting point. 

These additions often don't come cheap, however, hence why Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals offer themselves as an extension to what we're anticipating will be available during the Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals; perhaps not quite as deep or exciting, but still far better than the average going rate on premiere models on any given day.

We're hoping that some of the best gaming TVs are easier to find on the day than that of PS5 stock and Xbox Series X stock. It's important to remember that both the PS5 and Xbox Series X can output a maximum of 4K120 through HDMI 2.1 (which can technically support 10K), though at the moment software support taking advantage of the maximum capabilities is limited right now to a handful of games apiece. But this will change, so one of these TVs will future-proof you. 

However, should you already find yourself in possession of the incredibly elusive home consoles, then the Cyber Monday PS5 deals and Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals should see discounts on games and accessories for less. 

Where will the Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals be?

Considering that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will barely be a year old when Cyber Monday rolls around, it's tough to say where the best Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals will be from prior experience. However, Amazon is likely to lead the charge, as it's the world's largest online retailer, with Best Buy (and other big-box storefronts) sure to offer extensive discounts of their own if what's currently available is any indication. 


Amazon: Consistent discounts on brands such as LG, Samsung, and Vizio
Best Buy: Right now you can save up to $500 on Sony and LG flagships
Walmart: Representation from major brands at standard going rates
B&H Photo: There's currently a staggering $800 off the LG CX series
Samsung: You can currently save up to $600 on 4K Smart TV models


Amazon: Steady deals on Samsung, LG, Sony, and Hisense TVs
Currys: Consistent deals on Sony Bravia and Samsung 4K120 TVs
Expected prices on mid-range 4K120 models 
Samsung: There's an astounding £1,000 off 8K and 4K QLED TVs right now
Very: Save up to £200 on Samsung and LG 2021 flagship models
John Lewis: Discount codes are running on high-end 4K TVs at the moment

When will Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals start?

Cyber Monday is happening this year on November 29, but we're expecting that the Black Friday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals will begin as early as Saturday morning.

We should reiterate, however, that you're bound to save money on some pricey gaming TVs regardless, so if nothing catches your attention on Friday, then the weekend (or Monday) could offer up something worth your time. 

Is it worth waiting for the Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X deals?

At this stage, in mid-October, we would recommend a policy of using the Cyber Monday PS5 TV deals as a solid backup for deals this winter. The best deals are almost certain to appear on Black Friday itself so it's worth getting prepped for that day as a major target. However, the Cyber Monday PS5 and XSX TV deals will - generally - pick up where the previous week's deals left off so there should be some great ones still available if you missed out.

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals

(Image credit: Samsung)

Cyber Monday PS5 and Xbox Series X TV deals - what to expect

One of our favorite TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X, the LG OLED C1 - which we gave a glowing 5-star write-up of in our LG OLED C1 review - is currently at its historic lowest-ever price for the 65-inch variant on Amazon at the moment. It's down to $1,796.99 from its usual selling price of $2,500. We're hoping that this demonstrates the kind of savings that we're going to see when Cyber Monday comes around, with even deeper discounts than the $703 off that we've seen here. 

Other flagship models from established brands are currently at their lowest-ever price ahead of Cyber Monday as well, like the Samsung Q80A which is reduced to $1,097.99 from its $1,300 MSRP - for a full $202 off. This scale of offers is much more likely as to what we're going to see on Cyber Monday, with anything more extensive to be reserved for Black Friday. But you never know...

Today's best deals

Our price comparison technology works flat out to bring you the hottest deals on TVs for PS5 and Xbox Series X this side of Cyber Monday. 

We know that Cyber Monday isn't quite with us just yet, but if you've been at a loss as to what TV to buy for your PS5 or Xbox Series X, then we recommend the LG G1 for its phenomenal OLED display and bright colors afforded by the proprietary HDR technology, especially the 'game enhancer' settings. 

However, if you're looking for a more wallet-friendly panel to make the most of your new console with, and don't mind 60Hz, then the Sony X80J is hard to beat at its $1,000 MSRP with full Dolby Vision HDR support and MotionFlow smoothing sure to provide a stellar gaming experience for less.

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