Coming soon: original Star Trek on high-def DVD

Yep, the '60s special effects have been replaced with 21st century CG imagery and the whole thing polished up to look good on your high-def TV: original Star Trek is hitting the shelves (again) as a 10-disc HD DVD/DVD collection on 19 November. It will have HD DVD on one side of each disc and standard DVD on the other.

The series has been remastered from the original camera negative, and there are new special effects shots such as the galaxy pictures seen from the Enterprise bridge, the battle scenes, matte paintings used as planet backdrops and more. The new CG Enterprise is based on the exact measurements of the original model and the theme tune has been re-recorded. Phew. And of course HD DVD offers up to six times the picture resolution of standard DVD, so if you've got a compatible player, you'll be watching that version.

The box set, which will set you back £120, will also include a ton of special features on both the HD DVD and DVD sides of the discs - we're most excited about this from the list of HD bonuses: "Viewers will explore the Enterprise interior and exterior in detail as they pilot their own shuttlecraft in this spectacular 3D simulated feature."

To celebrate this new edition, SFX has been invited to a big screen presentation of classic episode The Menagerie on Wednesday, in the company of George Takei, so we'll report back after meeting him. Watch this space.