Coca-Cola ad does GTA

Monday 14 August 2006
Soft drinks giant Coca-Cola has parodied Rockstar game Grand Theft Auto for its latest advert, which sees a rugged computer game character spreading the love in a Liberty City-type setting once he's purchased a bottle of the fizzy drink.

The advert takes place in a computer generated world and begins with a man in a leather jacket - who looks a lot like Fido from GTA III - tearing up the streets in a car and generally causing chaos. This all changes when he stops to buy a Coke as, once he's tasted the combination of sugar and phosphoric acid, his mood begins to lighten.

After leaving the shop, the pop-drinking tough guy then pulls someone from their car GTA style but, rather than beating them up and taking their vehicle, he gives them a bottle of Coke. From then on it's a big love-in as the sun comes out, tramps are helped, muggers stopped and happiness is spread.

All this happens while the sound of You Give a Little Love from '70s musical hit Bugsy Malone fills the air.

It's a fun ad and is an interesting twist to see GTA being aped when it's usually Rockstar's game doing the parodies. Click here to see the ad in full.