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Check out the first pics from Super Nintendo World in Japan

(Image credit: Twitter user @LCASTUDIOS_USJ)

New pictures show that Super Nintendo World in Japan is rising into existence. The shots, which appear to be taken from inside the Universal Studios Japan park that Super Nintendo World will be housed in, were posted by the Twitter account @LCASTUDIOS_USJ. Check them out below. 

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The photos clearly show the iconic castle tower that Mario must scale in many of the Super Mario Bros. games, complete with Goal Pole on top, although its base is covered by scaffolding. If you look at the pictures depicting it in the background, the tower seems fairly tall relative to the other elements of the park. The elements and rumored layout of Super Nintendo World posted alongside these snapshots are likely based on leaked concept models that appeared online this July - the fourth photo attached to the Tweet shows a concept layout that reflects some of the elements seen in the leaked models.

While that's mostly speculation, we do know that Super Nintendo World is set to open in spring 2020 in Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan, and that it will boast themed attractions, shops, and restaurants (like any good theme park). The park will open with two rides: Super Mario Kart and Yoshi's Adventures, and will include an interactive element where guests can wear magnetic bracelets that can be scanned throughout the environment. Those interactions will be tallied as scores that will communicate with your Nintendo game consoles so you can build on your scores each time you visit. The leaked images reference Super Mario and Donkey Kong sections as well as Bowser and Peach's respective castles. 

After the spring 2020 debut of Super Nintendo World in Japan, the park is due to open Universal's Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore parks as well, although those timelines have yet to be revealed. 

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