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Where to buy Oculus Quest 2: prices and deals compared

Oculus Quest 2
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While we haven't had to wonder where to buy Oculus Quest 2 for a few months now, the sheer popularity of this affordable VR headset means we may well see stock shortages over the next few weeks. Between being one of the biggest holiday purchases and the upcoming Black Friday Oculus Quest 2 deals, it looks like the $299 headset may well be scarce on the shelves this winter. 

Oculus Quest 2 deals that offer straight discounts on the headset itself are exceedingly rare - we don't think this headset has ever seen a price cut. However, we do sometimes see offers in the form of bundle deals. These package discounts offer savings on additional accessories, giving deal-hunters the chance to stock up on value without directly shaving any cash off the device itself. We're expecting to see plenty of these offers landing in the near-future, so it's well worth keeping your eyes peeled. 

However, if you're just after the headset by itself, it's unlikely that the Oculus Quest 2 price will budge any time soon. However, if you've waited this long for the best Oculus Quest 2 price, we have some even better news for you. The entry-level 64GB model has been discontinued in favor of a 128GB capacity version, but the cost has been kept the same. We really like the budget-friendly VR headset as you can see in our full Oculus Quest 2 review.

What is the Oculus Quest 2 price?

The standard cost for the Oculus Quest 2 sits at £299 / $299 for the 128GB model, and £399 / $399 for the 256GB version, so make sure you're not paying more than the standard price for the headset by itself. 

There may still be a few 64GB units floating around at some stores, probably at the same price as the 128GB replacement models, so make sure you're getting the larger unit before you buy.

Where to buy Oculus Quest 2

Our price comparison technology has scanned the net for today's best prices if you'd like to buy Oculus Quest 2 and experience Facebook's best foray into virtual reality yet for less. We're seeing stock readily available at a number of retailers in both the US and UK right now, which is excellent news for anyone holding out for a non-inflated Oculus Quest 2 price.

Are there any Oculus Quest 2 deals?

While we're haven't seen too many Oculus Quest 2 deals in the last year, we do sometimes find bundles up for grabs at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, and Currys in the UK. The fact is that these headsets already have an excellent price tag, and one that may not leave much wiggle room for additional discounts. That's likely why the only offers we tend to see are on extra accessories like carrying cases, elite headstraps, and extra controllers. 

There are official bundles up for grabs at certain retailers (most notably Amazon). The Starter Bundle offers up a headset and carrying case for $349, the Streamer Bundle adds a tether cable instead, for $379, and the Pro bundle combines a carrying case and the Elite Strap for $399

By themselves, these aren't exactly Oculus Quest 2 deals, but come sales periods this is where we tend to see all the discounts.

Is the Oculus Quest 2 worth it?

The Oculus Quest 2 price is extraordinarily well pitched considering it's a standalone virtual reality headset that offers some of the best selection of VR apps in the industry, and you can even plug it into a computer to access even more games and apps if you prefer. Either way, you can't beat this headset for instant immersion into the thrilling new medium of virtual reality.

More affordable than the Oculus Rift or the super-fancy HTC Vive Pro 2, the updated Quest model packs advanced processing power with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 platform, which is specifically designed for VR and mixed reality experiences. Offering sharper, more enhanced visuals to make the most of next-generation graphics, the Oculus Quest 2 is one of the more advanced headsets that won't royally break the bank.

To add to the immersive experience, the headset features built-in speakers with 3D positional audio, so you'll hear sounds around you as you explore virtual worlds. The Quest 2's Touch controls have also been reworked with more advanced hand-tracking technology, so you can better interact with the games you play.

Not only that, but as we mentioned up above, you can now pick up a 128GB model for the same $299 Oculus Quest price as the 64GB version - excellent value. 

We'd also check out the latest Oculus Quest 2 accessory options via the store links below. The Oculus store's options are officially branded but expensive. There are some third-party options at Amazon though. We'd be on the lookout for a PC link cable so you can hook the headset up to a PC if you want.

Just glancing at the list of best VR games you can experience right now is enough to tempt anyone to invest in a new headset. Of course, it's worth bearing in mind you'll need a decent PC setup to get the most out of your time in VR. There are currently some fantastic offers around in our best gaming PC and best gaming laptop guides. If you're just after an audio upgrade, then our best gaming headset guide is what you need.

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