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Borderlands 3 patch notes: Adjustments for all the Vault Hunters, plus weapons and bug hotfixes

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The latest Borderlands 3 patch notes feature some minor adjustments to all four Vault Hunters, as well as a handful of weapon and bug hotfixes. There hasn't yet been a patch as massive as the first big post-launch update, and there still hasn't been a fix for the major performance issues still plaguing the game (I'd like to play split-screen co-op and use the menus, thanks).

However, we've got some hotfixes that address some serious bugs, including one that saw players dropping through the floor in some boss arenas and another that spawned low level enemies in later parts of the campaign. These are all nice, necessary fixes, but many are still waiting for a patch that will address the performance issues. 

Previous updates included a big character-balancing hotfix, a fix for an infinite loop that could freeze your game when hitting maximum XP for Guardian Rank, miscellaneous weapon changes, and a slight FL4K nerf. Here's all of the adjustments dropping in the latest patch: 

Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter Adjustments


  • Putting points in alacrity now awards a reload speed bonus per rank
  • Phasegrap can now be used on targets further away and the cooldown is now instantly returned if a player misses


  • Bloodletter Class Mod has a 150% increased Recharge Delay
  • Bloodletter Class Mod has a 50% reduced Recharge Rate
  • Addressed a reporting bug with Close the Distance so the Action Skill Augment will now deal the intended shock damage
  • Means of Destruction now has a re-trigger delay of .3 seconds


  • Leave No Trace has a re-trigger delay set to .3 seconds


  • Death Follows Close will correctly update several Kill Skills after unlocking this ability

Borderlands 3 Weapon Hotfixes

  • The Lob's projectile tick damage is now 60% of base damage (up from 20%) and projectile speed decelerates fast to increase chances of hitting the same target multiple times
  • Creeping Death damage increased by 200%
  • Carrier damage increased by 60%
  • Gunerang damage increased by 20%
  • All Sniper Rifle Zoom Levels have been slightly reduced
  • Long scope on Jakobs, Children of the Vault, and DAHL Assault Rifles have also been slightly reduced
  • Anointed Parts: When Zane swaps positions with his Digi-Clone, the damage gained is increased to 130% (up from 75%)
  • Anointed Parts: When FL4K hits a target with Rakks, the target now takes 100% increased damage (up from 50%)
  • Anointed Parts: The Anointed part 'Increased damage vs Badasses' no longer heals the player and now correctly adds bonus damage to Badass enemies

Borderlands 3 Bug Fixes

  • Pain, Terror, and Agonizer 9000 have been adjusted to have an increased chance to drop higher quality loot
  • Addressed a reported bug with Dynasty Diner that could potentially halt mission progress for some players
  • Addressed a reported concern that some players fell through the floor sin various boss arenas
  • Modified enemy spawn level discrepancies in the later parts of the campaign
  • Some enemies were spawning at lower levels than expected in the later parts of the campaign. Players should no longer see enemies that are dramatically lower levels than other nearby enemies in certain areas. 

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