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Borderlands 3 patch notes: Mayhem 4, Maliwan Takedown, updated boss loot, more bank space, and big Vault Hunter buffs

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The latest Borderlands 3 patch notes are a smorgasbord of highly requested balance changes and quality of life features. Several Vault Hunters are getting hefty buffs to offset some of the nerfs they've received in the past few months, and all players will benefit from greatly increased bank space. The most recent update, due at or before 5pm PST on November 21,  also contains new modes and activities, namely the Maliwan Blacksite Takedown and the long-awaited Mayhem 4 difficulty mode. 

Mayhem 4 

"Mayhem 4 adds another increase to enemy health, increases the loot drop chances, and adds a set of new Legendaries," Gearbox explains. "Because the [enemy] health value greatly increased, Mayhem 4 also slightly adjusts the random modifier system. Mayhem 4 will only roll one positive modifier for the player and one enemy bonus modifier. We want players to try different builds without severely hampering their ability to take down enemies in Mayhem 4."

Other Mayhem modes remain unaffected, but this modifier change could help with endgame build variety. Speaking of which: "In addition to increasing enemy health and adjusting the modifiers, Mayhem 4 contains new Legendary weapons and class mods for players to hunt," Gearbox says, adding that "These new pieces of gear will contribute to new builds and new ways to kill enemies!" 

Gearbox also says it's still working on Mayhem 2.0, a veritable overhaul of the post-game difficulty system. For now, it's updated the way Mayhem modes are toggled. Mayhem will now be activated through the central Mayhem pillar, and you'll increase or decrease the level using the side pillars. Previously, each pillar represented a Mayhem tier, so this system shouldn't be too hard to adjust to. 

Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite 

Lorelei's recruited you for a Takedown at a Maliwan weapons research facility, and from Gearbox's description of the activity, it sounds like the equivalent of Destiny 2's Master Nightfall Strikes. 

"Lorelei has recruited the Vault Hunters to destroy a top-secret weapon Maliwan has been developing at their Blacksite," the studio says. "You and your squad should prepare for an extreme challenge because this content is balanced for four players at level 50 … Takedowns feature special rules not found in the rest of the game! Respawning is disabled, so make sure you and your co-op partners get Second Wind or you'll spectate until the team wipes. If you do die, you're not out permanently! Die during the first half, you'll get to rejoin your team if they defeat the Valkyrie Squad. If you're out the second half, but your team manages to defeat Wotan The Invincible, you'll get to respawn to enjoy the rewards you didn't completely earn!"

If you and your squad are ready for the Takedown, you can access it through a special mission in Sanctuary. 

More bank space 

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More loot means fewer spare inventory slots, so it's a good thing Borderlands 3 is finally getting a big bank boost. You'll now start with 20 spaces instead of 10, and once you acquire the vanilla bank SDUs and hit 100 spaces, you can spend your hard-earned cash on 10 more SDUs worth 20 spaces each. If you buy absolutely everything, you can hit 300 bank slots. That ought to hold your Legendary collection.  

Boss-specific loot pools 

Many players felt that the endgame grind was a bit too homogeneous since most Legendaries came from random sources. To make the grind a little more direct and varied, Gearbox assigned specific items to certain bosses. It didn't specify who received what, only saying that "all bosses have been updated with new loot pools that give them dedicated Legendary items," but you can bet players will work out the most efficient grind routes soon.  

Vault Hunter balance changes 

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It's no secret that Gearbox has nerfed the pants off most of Borderlands 3's best end-game builds, often to the chagrin of players even when it was to the benefit of the game's difficulty curve. To give players new, more powerful ways to play and free up design space for certain Vault Hunters, the latest update buffed the crap out of companions and related passive abilities for Moze, Zane, and FL4K. 

"Iron Bear saw increases to the base scaling and additional bonuses were added through passives and augments," Gearbox explains. "We allowed some of Zane's kill-skill bonuses to stack up to two times, increasing their output under certain conditions. FL4K pets also saw some increases over level to their damage so that they didn't feel underpowered for Mayhem Mode." 

Here are the full change logs for each Vault Hunter. Note that Gearbox says "we are currently happy with the variety of Amara's builds," so she's not due for any changes at this time. 


  • Iron Bear Damage increased per level, to a total of just under 150% at max level
  • Desperate Measures now gives Iron Bear the bonus too
  • Experimental Munitions - Iron Bear also deals bonus fire damage on critical hits
  • Scorching RPM's also grants increased Hard Point damage by 5% per level
  • Vampyr - When Iron Bear deals area damage, Iron Bear receives half the healing bonus
  • Iron Bear now launches barrels when the player melees them
  • Increased Iron Bear Bubble Shield from 20% to 50% of Moze's health


  • SNTL damage scale increased by 2% per level
  • Donnybrook, Pocket Full of Grenades, Cool Hand, Violent Violence, and Violent Speed bonuses now stack twice
  • Fixed Violent Momentum to scale more at higher movement speeds
  • Best Served Cold radius and damage increased by 2% per level
  • Confident Confidence increased max weapon damage bonus from 20% to 35%
  • Changed Trick of the Light element to Cryo and increased bonus from 18% to 36%
  • Borrowed Time duration increased from 15% to 30% per active skill
  • Double Barrel's bonus increased from 20% to 25%
  • Quick Breather now restores 50% of the clone's health after a swap
  • Pocket Full of Grenades bonus slightly decreased from 6.5% to 5% as it now stacks
  • Violent Violence bonus slightly decreased from 4% to 3% as it now stacks


  • Ambush Predator now has a HUD Icon when the buff is active
  • Increased the pet damage to scale 10/5% per level instead of 9%
  • Added pet damage to Grim Harvest at 7% per level
  • Added pet damage to The Most Dangerous Game at 9% per level
  • Added pet damage to Interplanetary Stalker at 1% per stack, per level
  • Added pet damage to Furious Attack at 0.6% per stack
  • Added pet damage to The Fast and the Furryous at 10% per level
  • Lick the Wounds gained a pet damage buff after reviving the player
  • Increased pet damage for Psycho Head on a Stick from 10% to 20%
  • Increased damage in Pack Tactics from 5% to 7% per level
  • Adjusted Megavore to not reward critical hit bonuses when receiving damage from self-damage

You can read the full patch notes for this mammoth update, including a laundry list of miscellaneous bug fixes, here

Borderlands 3's first DLC pack is Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, and it's coming next month.  

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