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Best PS5 accessories - get everything you need to round out your PS5 setup

(Image credit: Sony)

The best PS5 accessories will accentuate your PS5 setup and take it, and your gaming experience, to new levels of enjoyment. Adding the best PS5 accessories will make gaming more immersive, clean up the look of your PS5 setup, and make everything a bit more manageable, organised, and uniform. Whether you're looking for a PS5 DualSense charger or one of the best PS5 headsets, we've rounded up the official and some third party items that make up a range of the best PS5 accessories going that will help you get the most of your new machine.

As we're still so early in the console's life cycle, these PS5 accessories are mostly from Sony itself, but we've already seen a good amount of third-party DualSense chargers that offer a good alternative to the elusive first-party charger. Of course, it's hard enough just to buy a PS5 right now, but if you have managed to get yourself one or you just want to prepare for the fateful day you find one, these are the best PS5 accessories to add to your list.

With that in mind, we'll be continually updating this guide as new items and products appear - our team will keep you up to date with the best PS5 accessories and deals as they come, just as we did with the PS5 price.

The best Sony PS5 accessories

PS5 DualSense controller

PS5 controller, AKA DualSense

(Image credit: Sony)

The DualSense is the one PS5 accessory that's included with the console, but it's also one most of us will undoubtedly buy more than once. It was actually revealed before the console itself back in April, complete with an article on the PlayStation Blog describing its features.

With the DualSense, Sony promises to make games more immersive using features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Feel the textures of gravel in your fingers as you drive through streets, as well as the tension in the strings of your bow as you draw back an arrow. 

Of course, with these exciting new features likely comes a more expensive PS5 controller. The DualSense costs a little more than the PS4's DualShock, but not prohibitively so.

DualSense charging station

(Image credit: Sony)

No more digging through drawers for a micro USB cable that still works - the DualSense charging station is a sleek, convenient addition to the PS5 accessories family that carries the same futuristic two-toned aesthetic as the PS5. You can charge two PS5 controllers at once without needing to connect them to the hardware like they're leeches. 

How much does it cost, then? We were expecting the DualSense charging station to be one of the cheapest PS5 accessories available at launch, and it is at just $29.99 in the US. 

Pulse 3D wireless headset

(Image credit: Sony)

3D audio was one of the key points of Mark Cerny's Road to PS5 talk from March, and the PS5 Pulse 3D headset is surely the best way to experience the new tech. With dual noise-canceling microphones, you can expect crystal clear communication between you and your team in multiplayer games, and the focus on facilitating 3D audio should make games incredibly immersive. 

We ranked the official Platinum headset one of the best PS4 headsets around, so there's a good chance the Pulse 3D headset will be another winner and possibly given the number one spot once we've tested it in our best PS5 headsets guide.

It'll cost $99.99 in the US, and you can get the latest  PS5 Pulse 3D headset prices here.

Media remote

(Image credit: Sony)

The PS5's media remote is downright sexy. Its curvy, two-toned design is elegant and futuristic, and the uncluttered button layout looks easy to navigate. Given that for a lot of folks, the PS5 will end up their primary device for streaming movies and TV, the media remote is a useful accessory that won't use up your PS5 controller's battery while you're scrolling through your phone with Netflix running the background. Plus, official remotes are usually some of the more affordable console accessories, usually sitting around the $30/£23 price mark.

This particular model is $29.99 in the US and £24.99 in the UK.

HD camera

(Image credit: Sony)

With streaming hitting its stride in 2020, the official PS5 HD camera is likely to be in high demand. The accessory allows you to seamlessly add yourself to gameplay and streams, and the flowy, two-piece design is an improvement over the fairly basic PS4 camera

Expect to pay a premium for Sony's official HD camera (it's $59.99 in the US and £49.99 in the UK), but if you value high-quality video capture and can't get enough of that PS5 aesthetic, the PS5 HD camera should be a worthwhile purchase.

The best 3rd-party PS5 accessories

Fosmon PS5 DualSense Charging Dock

(Image credit: Fosman)

What really makes the Fosmon PS5 DualSense Charging Dock stand out among all the other docks hoping to find a home in your TV unit is the chunky connectors that clip on to your DualSense controller even while you're playing. Fosmon calls it their TYPE-C connector, and while it feels sturdier than some charging solutions, it's a slightly baffling decision. Why not just go with the slot-in style that Sony and every other manufacturer went for? The DualSense is such a carefully designed controller, and what it doesn't need is a strange plastic add-on strapped to its undercarriage.  

However, if this wild choice thrills you, you'll find a dock that performs just as you'd want it to in every other way. It charged two pretty tired-out controllers at once in less than three hours, and there are LEDs to signal when you're all juiced up. The dock comes with a 1m short but serviceable USB-USB C cable and plugged happily into the back of the console.

The design is all white and rounded edges, a fitting complement to your space-age PS5, and a nice change of pace from the matte black that was all the rage for unofficial accessories with the last generation. It's no supermodel, but it won't ugly up your TV unit either.

Note: Stock is fluctuating wildly on this charger.

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