The best Nintendo Switch accessories for 2019

Nintendo Switch accessories

If you've got the Switch console, you'll need some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories - they are basically a necessity. Starting on the console itself, the internal storage needs addressing immediately so you can store games and their saves in the long run. Then elsewhere, extra controllers can unleash the multiplayer potential of your Switch, and a helpful case will keep everything together in one neat and tidy package. This does mean that it feels like there's a never-ending list of things to buy, but each additional item will provide you with more Switch-based possibilities and augmentations than ever. So what Nintendo Switch accessories should you be looking for, particularly if you've just picked up a Nintendo Switch bundle?

Right off the bat, in the aftermath of Prime Day there might be some lower prices sticking around as the general desire to get cheaper gaming gear this summer prevails. Fingers crossed, anyway.

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As previously mentioned, you need to get down to business and address the rather stingy internal storage of the Switch with one of the best Nintendo Switch SD cards. Particular as more and more fabulous games come out and you want more and more at your fingertips instead of doing perpetual substitutions. The console supports cards of up to 2TB in capacity, but the current sweet spot for value is around the 64-128GB mark where you can get a card for as little as $10-15 (£8-12) online. If you’re finding the battery life to be a bit on the shortside, then we recommend the fantastic Anker PowerCore 20100 for about $50/£33 as it will give you that extra juice you need, particularly for longer sessions. Or if you're on the hunt for one of the best Nintendo Switch cases, you could look out for the Orzly Carry Case, and protect that gorgeous portable screen for $14/£10. There are plenty of Nintendo Switch accessories to get, and we’ve listed the best ones below.

SD cards

Nintendo Switch accessories


A drawback to the Switch as a console is its limited storage space: you’ll only get 32GB of internal memory out of the box. This won’t carry you very far, and before long you’ll be deleting old games to make space for new ones. That’s why Nintendo Switch SD cards are a must. They'll boost your system’s storage by a long way, and SD cards aren’t too pricey these days either. 

To get specific, we’d recommend the SanDisk Ultra 128GB card. This is enough for 5-10 big games or a load of smaller titles, so it’ll definitely keep you going for a while.


Nintendo Switch accessories

©Orzly, Mumba

Switch blurs the line between handheld and home consoles, but its portability means you'll need the best case for Nintendo Switch to keep it all safe. 

There are two different kinds, generally speaking: the typical zip bag for carrying everything from A to B and a hard shell to use while you’re playing. We’d recommend the Orzly carry case for practicality, while the Mumba is top-notch body armor on those morning commutes. You’ll find the best price for both below.

Nintendo Switch accessories


Best Nintendo Switch carry case - Orzly

The Orzly takes the kitchen-sink approach to storage; it’ll fit the console, multiple Joy-Cons, games, cables, and SD cards inside without any fuss. It’s not too hefty or expensive either, and it can also fit a Switch with its Mumba shell attached.

Nintendo Switch accessories


Best Nintendo Switch protective shell - Mumba

This is the ideal way to keep your console safe from knocks. Grippy and sturdy in equal measure, it’ll make you feel more secure when taking your Switch out with you. Happily, it also fits into the Orzly carry case we mentioned above.


Nintendo Switch accessories


New handsets are eye-wateringly expensive regardless of console, and Switch is no different. Because of this, we've rounded up the best deals to get you a Nintendo Switch controller cheap. No matter whether it's a pair of Joy-Cons, a Pro Controller, or something else entirely, we've got you covered.

Nintendo Switch accessories


Nintendo Switch Joy-Con pair

You may get two of these with the Switch itself, but more is a must if you have lots of friends or family joining in on the fun. 

Nintendo Switch accessories


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Sometimes Joy-Cons aren’t enough; sometimes you want something a bit more traditional. Enter the Pro Controller. This classically-styled handset has a layout that draws on everything from the Gamecube to Xbox One, and it’s a must for games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Splatoon 2. While you can get them cheaper from other manufacturers, you’re better off with the official Nintendo model in our experience. Not only is the build-quality excellent, it boasts Amiibo functionality that third-party alternatives lack.

Nintendo Switch accessories


8bitdo SN30 Pro controller

If you’re feeling the itch for a hit of nostalgia, we’d recommend looking at the 8bitdo controllers. You can get one shaped like the SNES handset with added analogue sticks and a share button to make it fully compatible with the modern Switch.


There are more Switch accessories on the market than we have time to discuss, but a few extras are worthy of your attention. We've gathered the best of the rest here, including everything from headsets to Nintendo Switch chargers.

Nintendo Switch accessories


Best headset - HyperX Cloud Alpha

If you want the right balance between price and performance for your Switch, look no further than the HyperX Cloud Alpha. It's comfy, durable, and has a superb frequency response range, meaning the sound is richer than most other headsets and it's less bassy and noisy. You can pick this one up for less than $80 / £70, and it's a great pair of cans - easily the best Nintendo Switch headset out there.

Nintendo Switch accessories


Best portable charger - Anker PowerCore 20100

We’d say the best portable charger for Switch would be the Anker PowerCore 20100. As an officially licensed product, you know you’re getting good-quality tech right away. It’ll give you up to 10 extra hours of power as well. You may not be able to get the Nintendo Switch-branded version so easily these days, but the standard model should do the job just fine.

Nintendo Switch accessories


Joy-Con Charging Grip

This does exactly what it says on the tin: your Joy-Cons fit into a shell that provides a more comfortable gaming experience while topping up their power at the same time. It’s a good of way of extending your play sessions when out on the road.

Nintendo Switch accessories


Joy-Con Charging Dock

If you mostly play your Switch at home and with other people, this officially licensed PowerA charging dock will do the trick. It charges four Joy-Cons at once and will show each one’s individual readiness with LEDs so you can swiftly get back in the game.

Nintendo Switch accessories


HORI Compact Playstand

Although the Switch has a kickstand of its own, it can be hit or miss in terms of getting the angle right for tabletop gaming (curse you, screen glare). This well-made, portable playstand avoids that problem, all while leaving the Switch’s charging port accessible for a boost of power.

Nintendo Switch accessories


Nintendo Switch Joy-Con straps

Sidestep a case of the butterfingers with these Joy-Con straps. Nintendo gives plain black ones away with Switch consoles, but if you’d prefer to personalize yours with colors to match your Joy-Cons then this is your best option. That said, be advised: they don’t come in pairs.

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