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The Batman merch you didn’t know you needed (but totally deserve right now)

Batman: Metal Die-Cast Bat-Signal 

That’s right, an actual Bat-Signal, albeit in miniature form, that can light up your room with the spotlight now synonymous for everything the superhero represents. The LED light can project up to 20 feet in range, and boasts 360 degree rotation capabilities on its 5 inch tall metal base. The sad news that it can’t actually be used to call Batman into your living room, but it does provide a nice thematic mood effect for reading the 48 page hardcover book that comes with it. 

Buy it UK: £22.99 on Amazon
Buy it US: $50.91 on Amazon 

Batman Funko Pops

Look, I know people have mixed opinions on the overwhelming ubiquity of Funko Pops, but if you can’t afford the more premium statues and figurines out there, they represent the most affordable means of decking out your shelves with a bucket load of cool looking Batmen. That’s right, other than classic Bats, there’s a whole variety of Funko variants on the superhero, including Animated Series Batman, Justice League Batman, Robot Batman, Riddler Imposter Batman, Arkham Asylum Batman, Steampunk Batman, and Surfs Up! Batman, to name just a few. C’mon, don’t tell me you’re not tempted by that last one... 

Buy it UK: £9.99 on Pop In A Box
If one just isn't enough, you can subscribe for one heroic Pop a month and save 20%: From £8.49 from Pop In A Box
Buy it US: $13.95 on Pop In A Box

Batman Onesie 

Just to be clear, I definitely don’t already own a Batman onesie but, *ahem*, my “friend” tells me that they’re crazy comfortable. Plus, it makes me… I mean, him feel like a full-time superhero, even while falling asleep in front of the TV. The costume even comes with a little cape just to maintain the authenticity of the power fantasy, all while offering maximum lounging comfort. There are a bunch of good quality onesies that cater to everyone too, so you really have no excuse to buy one right away, especially as winter starts to dig its heels in. 

Buy it UK: £24.99 on Amazon
Buy it US: $19.99 on Amazon 

Batman: The Complete Animated Series (DVD) 

Four seasons, 16 discs, 85 episodes. If you haven’t yet seen the very best of Batman’s televised adventures, then consider this box set your treasure trove of Gotham goodness, allowing you to binge watch every adventure from DC’s beloved animation from the 1990’s. The respect for the fiction is palpable in every frame, with a sophistication of storytelling that, for its time, was unprecedented for the genre. 

As well as looking drop dead gorgeous, The Animated Series also isn’t afraid to delve into the darker aspects of Batman’s psyche, and deals with love, loss, and villainy in ways that you might not expect from a cartoon of its kind. An adaptation that stands confidently alongside the Nolan-verse and Arkham trilogy as a historic high point for the character, showcasing just how far he’s come since his humble comic book days. 

Buy it UK: £39.99 on HMV
Buy it US: $72.79 on ebay

 Batman Monopoly 

Collect 200 for passing Gotham. There’s a Monopoly theme for everything these days, but the Batman edition is a surprisingly rare find, which explains why it’ll set you back quite a bit if you’re looking to bag yourself a copy. Still, the board game connoisseur will certainly be able to get a lot of use out of it via multiple playthroughs amongst family and friends, and the attention to detail - from the fancy player figurines to the black and yellow dice - are nice touches to an all round exquisitely crafted set. 

Buy it UK: £285.98 on Amazon
Buy it US: $193.04 on Amazon 

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